JamTech Institute was founded in July 2005 on the principle of giving every individual who is willing and able the opportunity to acquire a technological education that is relevant to national development, the world of work and emerging global markets. The engineering field is one of great opportunity for individuals who desire to develop technical ability in trouble shooting complex problems. With this in view, JamTech Institute will focus on the principle(s) of power engineering, the law of thermodynamics, mechanical drawing, electronics, blueprint reading, and microelectronics. These are just a few of the areas that will be included in the two year program. As we grow into a full two year institution, JamTech Institute will augment its primary offering with other relevant fields of studies


The HVAC program at Jamtech Technical Institute of Technology uses a classroom environment and HVAC laboratory with the kinds of HVAC equipment that are commonly serviced throughout the industry so you can be prepared for a career once you graduate.



After completing your coursework, you can be one step away from a variety of career opportunities in the HVAC field. Students can succeed with us because we provide students a broad range of hands-on experiences so they can gain the confidence to succeed after completing the program.


Graduates have pursued work in several areas, including:


  • HVAC sales
  • Auto HVAC technician
  • Commercial HVAC installation
  • Residential or commercial maintenance and repair technician
  • Sheet metal installation/fabrication
  • Ready to start a career in the HVAC field? Get started today by learning more about Jamtech Technical Institute of Technology.

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