Let's face it! The real reason to attend a school is to obtain the training needed to start or continue on a challenging and rewarding career. Whether that means your first job, a career change to a better job, or the ability to upgrade your current job, Jam Tech I can be a stepping-stone in your career path. Jam Tech does not offer a simple "job placement" service but instead we help you develop your career and give you the tools and strategies you need to take advantage of career opportunities. Over time, although we offer continuous career service and we hope your success will outgrow the level of service we provide.


Jam Tech does not guarantee jobs for graduates. We do, however, make every effort to assist in securing employment. These efforts include, but are not limited to:

  • The Career Development Department's objective is to give students and graduates the tools and resources needed for success by presenting lectures on the opportunities in the engineering industry. The purpose of the lectures are to discuss the numerous choices available to our graduates and to teach the importance of investing time in oneself, with dedication to continuous learning by knowing how to relate to the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and electrical industry.
  • A workbook written by Career Development is given out during one of the lectures to support graduates seeking employment opportunities in discovering and relating skills, achievements, education and other qualifying experiences to today's engineering and electrical business environment. Tips on career paths, engineering and electrical website addresses, job-seeking tips, the application process and more are also presented.
  • Resume/Profile Service: The Career Development Department develops resumes/profiles through the use of the workbook. The finished product will be faxed anywhere in the United States and e-mailed.
  • Personal Exit Interviews: Exit interviews are conducted prior to the job search in order to assist Career Development in determining what the needs of the graduates are, and help identify the best match between the graduate's skill package and available opportunities.
  • Students will receive text and other materials developed by JTI staff that addresses career issues and career development. This will be a valuable resource and reference intended to supplement classroom presentations on career development. Through this process students will learn about Marketing Strategies for Today's Professional, Interpersonal Skills, engineering Career Paths, and much more. The following highlights some of these areas:
  • Marketing Strategies for Today's Professional


The person who has access to accurate and up to date information will find the most opportunities in the engineering field. The Career Development Department is always updating our services and information to provide entry level as well as experienced technicians with marketing strategies to enhance their career choices.

With the technological changes we see today, a successful candidate entering the career field must change from the viewpoint of selling one's experience to the viewpoint of developing a personal "Marketing Strategy". This involves demonstrating to an employer that you can satisfy the employer's short and long-term needs by virtue of current skills, abilities, and potential for growth.

We help you do that through self-assessment and identification of your skills, and then help you present that in a fashion employers relate to. We will also focus on the type of working environment you prefer, your core values and other features that make you unique. We have found that people who find their "perfect career" in the shortest time frame are those who are able to match their background and personal traits to those of an employer.


Interpersonal Skills

Another focus of the Career Development process is to identify and enhance appropriate interpersonal skills. Technical skills and training are an important requirement to land a job in the industry however, they must be balanced with appropriate interpersonal skills. Technicians with solid basic skills and positive attitudes are more likely to find and keep jobs than someone with vocational skills alone.

Oftentimes success will depend on the right combination of technical and people skills. Through our close relationship with industry, we can provide you with an insight into what employers need. We can also help you assess your strengths and weaknesses in this area as you prepare to present yourself in a fashion to make the best possible impression.


HVAC/R and Electrical Career Paths

There are numerous paths available to you when pursuing a career in the field of engineering. The Career Development Department will assist you in determining which path is right for you. You will benefit from our experience in working with thousands of companies and our knowledge of what opportunities each presents. You will also gain from our experience with graduates, which has given us a unique perspective on what works in a job search and what does not

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