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Different Areas Have Different HVAC Needs

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Different Areas Have Different HVAC Needs

Northern United States

All over the United States, no matter what the climate, HVAC technicians are kept busy. In the North, where cold is much more of an issue than heat, refrigeration is still necessary for food and medical storage, and environmentally-friendly heating options are replacing old oil burning-furnaces as new homes are constructed at exponential rates. While central air is not as common in this area as other, warmer climates, many new homeowners are installing it; soon, this technology will be as common here as elsewhere.

Southern United States

In the South, living without air conditioning seems impossible to modern inhabitants, although not too many years ago it was an expensive luxury. The growth of heat pumps and central air systems has been so rapid that any new home south of the Mason-Dixon line that does not include them would probably not sell, and many older residents are retrofitting their homes to include these systems.

Midwest United States

In the Midwest, especially around the Mississippi and other large rivers, flooding has caused a huge surge in repair and replacement of existing heating and cooling systems. Not only are families affected by these natural disasters, but businesses, schools, hospitals and public buildings also require extensive repairs to their climate control systems.

West Coast of the United States

Finally, the beautiful weather of the West Coast would seem to preclude a great business in HVAC, but this is not the case. Most people want "touch of a button" control over their temperatures and expect this feature as part of their new home purchase.

Worldwide HVAC

Even overseas, the market for HVAC technology is booming. In the Middle East, a huge surge in desirability for "Western" comfort, coupled with booming oil sales generating income, have allowed many more people to modernize their homes. Military bases, businesses, and private homes all need the services of a knowledgeable HVAC technician, and one who understands the peculiarities of foreign electrical systems and codes can quickly take a valuable market share in these areas.

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